For christmas, Awake offers you special gift packaging and free personal message to the people you want to send the T-shirt to.
Let's offer a gift with values : fairtrade - ecofriendly - local development
Now available 
This T-shirt is designed by Samira Asmy,
 winner of the Awake design contest :
"this is not only a T-shirt ?"
Chanteclair has just received the standard label "Origine France Garantie"
Chanteclair, Awake's supplier, is promoted proudly the made in France for 40 years. They received successfully the label : "Origine France Garantie"
 Awake has been presented on french national TV channel as a great idea for gifts eco-friendly and social support 
Awake is proud to present the factories participating to the production of Awake cotton Organic T-Shirt Made in France.
We’re proud to manufacture our t-shirts in France. We're bringing back to life French industry, yes that is important to us, and not shipping from Asia means that we create a smaller carbon footprint, yes that is really important to us.
But we also enjoy that our clothes are made in European working conditions, with French labour laws. Our shirts are made by people who are fairly compensated for their skills.
Next time you buy a garment, perhaps investigate it’s source – see what answers you find, or maybe you’ll be surprised by the answers you don’t find.
You can see from the diagram above how Awake works, we’re not perfect, but we have to start somewhere. We are really proud to be transparent. We are proud to be awake.
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