Awake Empowers everyone to change their country.

Awake Empowers everyone to change their country.

Where your money goes.

Awake empowers you to decide where the clothes you wear come from. It's gives you the power to change attitudes, lives, and communities. Awake is good for your country and our world.
We try to be completely transparent in the costs of producing Awake t-shirts and how your money is shared to make a difference. Awake is structured to focuses on 3 main issues which we are always looking for sustainable ways to improve.

1. Made in France
• Creating & preserving local jobs
• Using local knowledge

• Organic Fabrics
• Made in France = Smaller Carbon footprint
• Funding Babyloan.org
• Supporting local causes

Where your money goes.
Where your money goes.

1. Made in France

The more t-shirts we sell, the more jobs in France are protected. We sell straight from the factory to maximize the local added value from the fabric to the final product. There are no big chain stores, or distributers squeezing our margins. 
Awake makes possible the relocalization of production in France.
Made in France
Made in France: Transparency
100% Made in France
Weaving, dying, sewing in France
& printing too

2. Eco Friendly

We produce right here France, a developed country, where the environmental standards are high & respected. The organic fabric is weaved & dyed in France, the t-shirts are sewn in France, and printed too. Nothing has to be shipped from afar, or driven to a store. We are producing locally and selling our products online. We reduce our carbon footprint by producing locally & reducing unnecessary storage.
Eco Friendly
Environmental: Transparency

100% organic cotton
100% produce & sold in France
Respect the UE environmental  standards
Sales on line, No stores

3. Profit share

Awake is structured to share success. Profit is divided with between designer, employees and shareholders. The people that make Awake benefit from it. In itself, Awake is social cause.
We donate 1€ per T-shirt to support local causes.
We invested 1€ per T-shirt as microloans to support local entrepreneurs development. Follow our microloans support on www.babyloan.fr
Profit share
Profit share: transparency
1 € in microloans
1 € for causes
1 € for designers
1 € for brand reinvestment
1 € for shareholders

Awake to be Transparent